What to Wear for your Engagement Photos

Choosing what to wear for your engagement photos can be difficult and stressful. Believe me, I know. I run through like 4 outfit changes before finally choosing something to wear for any ole’ regular day. 

Well let’s think about some things.

First of all you want to be comfortable and feel like yourself right? That’s a really good start! It’s okay to go shopping for something new but just make sure you’d wear it again after your photoshoot. These photos are meant to describe you and your relationship, not be on the cover of vogue (although you all TOTALLY deserve to be on there!!)

Multiple Outfits

I always advise my couples to bring two outfits. One more casual, and the other a bit more dressed up. This way my couples have 2 different styles to choose from and a lot of beautiful images that describe both their classy and casual sides!! 


As far as colors and patterns go: please limit the amount of competing elements. This means if one of you is wearing stripes or floral print the other should keep it simple. As for colors, neutrals are KEY! Bright colors can cast a color on your partner’s skin that looks unnatural. Maroon, army green, navy blue, tan, white, black, and grey look natural and beautiful with any backdrop! You want the focus of the image to be on you and your love for each other, not what trend was in that season. These photos should be timeless!

When & Where?

Another huge factor into your outfits are your locations and weather. Victoria Saint Martin Photography couples have a choice of 1-2 locations that describe who they are and what they like to do together. This is a little more flexible with your outfits as you can do the supper dressed up look or the casual look depending on the vibe you want to go for. You wouldn’t wear a $300 dress to sit on the couch right? So if one of your locations is at home then keep it casual and save the dressy outfit for another location! Weather is probably the main determining factor here though. If it’s a snowy, cold, Chicago day and you want photos outside, please dress warm. Although a winter dress might be beautiful in the snow, you’re going to be incredibly uncomfortable and cold an it will show in your images! Be smart.

What to bring

Prepare a little tote bag the night before your shoot with all of your necessities! Some important things to bring would include:

  • Water bottle
  • Flat walking shoes if you consider wearing heels in the photos
  • Hair brush
  • Lipstick or any makeup that might retouching

Some fun things to bring if you want your photos to be a little more personalized or just diffrent:

  • Bottle of champagne to spray 
  • Some fun sunglasses like these or any other interactive props that speak to you guys (i.e. picnic set up, small instrument (like a ukulele) if one of you plays, etc)
  • Your moped or motorcycle if you ride together

So lets recap:

1. Choose outfits you are comfortable in and describe you! 

2. Have an outfit change to switch things up! 

3. Avoid bright neon colors and competing patterns. You want to be in sync with your partner.

4. Consider your locations and the weather! 

5. Bring a bag of necessities and other fun things you want included in your photos!

If you are ever unsure about an outfit ask your photographer! I am always happy to help my couples feel them best selves. (It’s basically my job to do everything I can to make you feel confident and comfortable!) I got you bb!!




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