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So you booked a boudoir session or are thinking of booking one, and maybe you’re a little nervous or feeling overwhelmed by all the logistics of one.

Boudoir photography is an empowering experience. Its original intention is to capture a woman’s figure and emotions. It is seen as an opportunity for women to own their sexuality by having sensual photos of themselves while holding the power of who, if anyone, sees them. Boudoir photography is more for you than it is for anyone else (yes, even if you’re gifting it to your partner!) The feeling of confidence and power is an even bigger gift to yourself! I have photographed and been photographed for boudoir and I have honestly say it’s one of the most fun self-loving exercises I have practiced! But you may still be wondering…

“What do I wear?” “What if I look uncomfortable?” “How should I pose?” “What do I bring?”

I know, I know, it can be a lot!! Take a deep breath and remember this is supposed to be FUN! That’s why I am going to guide you how to prepare for your boudoir session so that you feel ready and confident!!


1. Browse through boudoir photography

I know this seems so simple but honestly it helps you know what to expect for the end result of your photos. You’ll notice that boudoir is not full nudity (of course this can be an option if you discuss it with your photographer ahead of time!) Boudoir is about leaving things to the imagination!

2. Go shopping!!

We all feel amazing when we buy the perfect new outfit and get so excited to wear it, right? So why wouldn’t you want that feeling for your boudoir shoot? You could just wear some old lingerie you’ve had in your closet for a while but you’re taking away part of that excitement of the shoot for yourself! You can make a girls trip out of it and have your friends help you decide on what kind you should wear! Theres so many options that you’re bound to find the perfect fit and style, plus your partner will love seeing you in something new!

3. Wear loose clothing to your shoot

On the way to your shoot, be sure to wear loose clothing! You want to avoid any bra indentations or jean marks left behind on your skin!

4. Go with a natural feel for your hair and make-up!

I know you may want to get your hair and makeup done before this, which I think is a fantastic idea, as long as you trust your makeup artist! If you’ve worked with them before or you are sure they will help you achieve the look you’re going for then a makeup artist is a fabulous bonus to help you feel confident and sexy! The reason I bring this up is because you don’t want to try a makeup look or new hairdo and feel like you’re not yourself. You want to feel your very best in your own skin and if you leave a salon with huge teased hair and you hate it and have no time to re-do it you’ll feel very uncomfortable.


5. Personalize it

If this is a gift to your partner, personalize it for them. A super cute idea that one of my clients did for her boudoir session with me was bringing her fiancé’s favorite shirt and wearing it with a sexy bra underneath. Think about it, how cute is that for your partner to have?! You not only are giving them an amazing gift that they will love but you’re also showing them how well you know them! It also helps to bring a few diffrent accessories like perfume or stilettos! Stilettos can be such a subtle detail but it makes the whole feel of the photos look luxurious and lustful!

6. Know the look and feel you are going for when choosing a location

My favorite locations for boudoir are a luxurious space like an Air B&B or something off Peerspace! There are so many diffrent ways to incorporate boudoir photography depending on the space you choose. Your photos don’t just have to be lying on a bed!  A beautiful shower or bathtub or even an extravagant bar make for such sexy and diffrent imagery! In-home sessions are always an option as well! What better way to feel comfortable and sexy than in your own bed?!

7. Book a photographer you TRUST!

It can be incredibly uncomfortable to undress in front of a stranger, let alone a stranger with a camera! Boudoir is a sensitive, emotional art and your photographer should respect that and your needs! If you’re a bit nervous for your shoot, communicate that to your photographer prior to the photoshoot! They should be able to answer any questions you may have and steer you from feeling anxious to feeling excited about the photoshoot! Hop on a call with them and make sure your personalities fit together if you need to! Your photographer should make you feel comfortable by easing you into the process, and note any boundaries you may have. They should feel like your friend!


8. Own it!

Own your sensuality! It is so important for women to not only feel sexy but to know they are! Being able to be confident in your own skin is the whole definition of loving yourself and embracing who you are! Do not feel like you shouldn’t participate in boudoir photography if you’re single or insecure about some aspects of your body!! Boudoir is about loving who you are, as you are!! Embrace your power and own it!

So there it is, go out there and SLAY your session babes!!



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