Here is the ultimate checklist of what you should do when you first get engaged.

Your Ultimate To-Do List when you First get Engaged

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Although it’s totally valid to feel nervous, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t be nervous!

Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous About Having Your Wedding Photos Taken


Here are three reasons why you should fully trust your wedding photographer.

3 Reasons Why You Should Fully Trust Your Wedding Photographer


Here are five things to stop stressing about on your wedding day, so you can enjoy your day and let go of all the little things that are out of your control!

5 Things to Stop Worrying About on your Wedding Day

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The term ‘unplugged ceremony’ may sound like wedding vendor jargon but this new trend may change the way your guests experience your wedding.  In an unplugged wedding ceremony, the couples asks their guests to turn off and put away their devices and be fully present with them in the moment.  As a photographer, I am […]

Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies: What it is and why you should consider having one.