When you should hire a second wedding photographer

Let’s be real — your people matter, and your wedding guests are important to you. You want to remember who was there with you and having everyone in attendance at your wedding photographed is the best way to remember those special memories with your people. If you’re considering hiring a second wedding photographer, it all depends on how your day is set up and what you personally want the focus to be.

What does a second wedding photographer do?

The simplest way to put it is a second photographer is there to assist your main photographer and tell your story in much more detail. They are there to capture moments from another point of view and get photos when one person can’t be in two places at once. 

Do I need a second wedding photographer?

While it’s hard to put a yes or no answer depending solely on guest count, you need to decide how much focus you want on yourselves and what you want captured. I personally think that if your guest count is over 100 people, you should absolutely have a second photographer! Especially if you want to have more of the focus on you and your spouse, if you have 100-150 or more guests I would really recommend having two photographers. The second photographer can focus on those in between moments while your main photographer focuses on staging the perfect shot. Other things to consider are how tight your timeline is and how many different locations things will be happening at.

Having Multiple Locations

If you and your partner are getting ready at two separate locations, a second photographer can capture your boo getting ready while the main photographer hands out with you on the morning of your wedding. Rest assured you are getting everything covered without cramming the timeline with the main traveling from one location to the next!

Focusing on the emotion AND the events

Also consider what special moments or traditions that you want captured. When I hire a second photographer I ask them to focus on the guests during the ceremony while I focus on the actual ceremony. That way we can tag team covering all those special events and traditions while my second is focusing on your loved ones tearing up, smiling, laughing, and sharing in all the love with you!

When is having two photographers a good idea?

Honestly, its ALWAYS a good idea to have a second photographer at your wedding! It’s extra insurance that your photos will be safe and you won’t miss a thing during the day! That way when you look back at your album you can relive your story in its entirety. You will get so easily a couple hundred more images in your gallery with a second photographer! Having one also gives you the option to have your guests mingling at cocktail hour photographed while you, your wedding party, and family members are out taking formal photos.

Ultimately, I recommend having a conversation with your main photographer and finding out how they work and how your timeline is set up. You should be confident in the main photographer you hired (here’s why you should fully trust your wedding photographer), so trust them and decide what is best for you! 



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