Paper or online wedding invitations: How to choose which is best for you

boho wedding detail lay flat with jewelry and invitations

Okay, so it’s no secret we’re definitely the technologically advanced generation and we’re all becoming a little more cautious of our environmental impact (woohoo for being woke on this!!) As tech savvy we are, there are certain things that many couples want to stick with tradition for. That begs the question of, when it comes to inviting your guests to your wedding, should you send out traditional paper invites or go digital?

Well, there’s pros and cons to both: 

Benefits of sending paper wedding invitations: 

Hard copy paper invitations will go over better with the older crowd. 

You know how your Great Aunt Jean is always asking you for help to turn on her iPad or how to mute her phone? Well you can bet on Aunt Jean not knowing to check her email for your wedding website e-invite!

Who doesn’t love snail mail? 

Let’s face it, the only things we get in the mail nowadays are bills! It’s so exciting to receive a piece of celebratory snail mail! 

You can keep it as a keepsake 

I know you’re going to get so many beautiful images from your photographer, but if you’re planning on making an album it would be nice to include the actual invite to start the album off. Another thing you can do with your invitation is frame and hang it in your house! This is a personal favorite of mine because it really represents the beginning of your new life! It also makes your wedding detail lay flat images way more interesting!

moody wedding detail lay flat with jewelry and invitations

Benefits of going digital and using a wedding website: 

You can include a ton of information on your site! 

This is a great way to put all the information in the same place so that people aren’t constantly asking you questions on the details of your wedding! You can include your love story and proposal, timeline, registry link, any travel information, RSVP, contact numbers and emails, dress code, and so much more! 

You can get a lot of information in return quicker too. 

You can ask the names of the plus one’s for the place cards, their choice of meal, and whatever else you can think of online instead of waiting for people to mail things back to you.

Of course, it’s way more eco-friendly 

You’ll have a sense of pride knowing you’re doing your part to help the environment. Our generation is great at being aware of our impact on the environment, but if you need help getting your guests off their phones at the wedding itself, here are a few tips for having an unplugged wedding ceremony. 

Ease asking for the RSVP 

Let’s face it, you’ll be chasing down your guests to see if they are coming or not. It’ll be easier to send a link than to have them find the RSVP card to mail in.

Load it up with imagery!! 

This is the perfect place to display all of your engagement photos that you love and want to share!! And if you’re in Chicago and need some help with engagement pics, check out this post on the best places to take your engagement photos in Chicago.



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